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Innovation is Growth:
Unleash the True Potential of Web3 and Decentralisation with the VentureCrowd
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Welcome to D3conomist, an innovative ecosystem that encompasses technology, seed funding, education, and publication. As a holder of the main D3conomist NFT, you will become part of our VentureCrowd (VC) and be granted an allocation for every project we launch at the seed round. Join us by owning one of our unique D3conomist NFTs and be a part of this exciting movement towards the future of funding and innovation!'

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D3seedpad: Unlike the majority of ‘launchpads’ we’ve seen so far, our SeedPad allows backers to get into projects right at their conception stage. We act as the VC - though in this case we are the VentureCrowd, with all projects being vetted by our experienced team. We only want to support the truly innovative ideas, which will help to further both Web3 and decentralisation.

We see a prosperous future for NFTs, a future where they become much more than just ‘art’. D3conomist is leading the way into the new era of #utilityNFTs. Read on to see what your D3conomist-NFT will provide you free access to in the future…